What are the main steps to follow to change a bathtub faucet ?

A damaged bathtub? There is no need to panic. Changing a bathtub faucet is within everyone's reach. You can therefore repair it without any problems. How do you do it? By following the steps that we will develop in this article.

Things to do to replace the faucet

As mentioned above, anyone can repair a bathtub faucet. However, it would be wrong to embark on this task without thinking or taking precautions. So, before you start, turn off the water supply. This will prevent your bathroom from flooding. Next, leave a tap open to allow excess water to drain. Finally, plug the bathtub to avoid the risk of flooding. To complete the preparation, get the necessary tools for the valve change such as: - Screwdriver - Loosening pliers - Bucket - Silicone sealant - PER pipe cutter - Hoses - Compression fitting You will need to make good use of these tools if you expect a good result. However, visit here to get a better understanding of what it is all about.

Dismantling the tap

Complicated but not impossible to do, this step consists in reaching the fixings on the tap to unscrew it. In fact, to do this successfully, you will have to disconnect the water supply pipes located in the tap, loosen the drain stem, unscrew the seals and locknuts. In addition, it is important to clean the scale and other dirt. Replacing the tap Once the tap has been removed from the bath, it should be reassembled. This is the last step. To do this, you will need to be meticulous and careful. In order to succeed in this step, you will have to screw all the elements and put gaskets so that the watertightness is assured. The tap will be mounted, and then the hot and cold supply pipes will be screwed on. Once done, it is necessary to put the joints and especially not to forget that the silicone mastic must be used and this, to avoid the water leaks. To finish this task, you will need to : - Screw in the threaded rods - Place the tap on the bath - Place a second seal before the stabiliser plate - Screw the fittings back on - Adjust the grip rod Once everything is done, there is only one thing left to do, turn on the water and test the new bathtub faucet you just installed