What are the advantages of time-lapse photography in the construction industry ?

Technology and digital technology are becoming increasingly important in the construction industry. Safety and on-site monitoring are a constant need for all professionals. They use all available means to carry out effective on-site or time-lapse monitoring. Do you want to know how to use time-lapse photography in the construction industry? Then this article is for you.

Using time-lapse photography in the construction industry

Due to its special characteristics, construction companies or government agencies can use time-lapse photography in the various phases of construction. For more information, visit this website. As a monitoring tool, it can be used throughout the entire construction site or only in a certain phase. For this purpose, high-resolution cameras are installed at certain locations to monitor the progress of the construction site. 

These images will be used at or before the end of the construction work to create a follow-up film or a commercial with accelerated sequence. If the construction site is zoned or occupies a large area, several boxes can be installed to increase video coverage. These time-lapse boxes accompany you from start to finish.

The time lapse, a monitoring tool

Time-lapse photography as a construction monitoring tool or technique is always present on various construction sites. Thanks to these short slow-motion videos, construction workers and site managers can see the progress made, changes made, work remaining to be done, etc., to ensure that the construction site is completed on schedule. 

By offering a 360-degree view of the construction site, these videos provide the builder with an overview of all aspects and areas of the site and allow for excellent tracking of the progress of the construction site. In addition to video, the construction site can also be monitored remotely by connecting to a server that provides access to real-time images and camera recordings. Images are delivered instantly and can be downloaded if required.

Timelapse in construction: a communication tool

In the construction industry, time-lapse images are used as a quick communication tool, enabling construction workers to record and improve their work. Thus, time-lapse images facilitate communication and information exchange in construction projects. This method of communication will benefit your company and all stakeholders. 

The media will accompany you at all stages of your development, from communicating with professionals to training your team and attending events. You can share these short videos on social networks to promote your infrastructure or construction company. As a professional communication tool, it allows you to get extensive information about the work in a short period of time.