Vacations in Spain: How to choose a hotel in Spain ?

Spain is the ideal vacation destination for young couples, families with children, retirees and students. Spain has something for everyone. You can take part not only in an organized tour of Spain, but also in an individual trip. Let's take a look at vacations in Spain and identify the various criteria that will help you choose the right hotel in Spain. 

Cheap and luxury hotels in Spain.

Wherever you go in Spain, you will have plenty of hotels to choose from. If you are looking for more information, click this site. Especially in the larger cities you will find hotels of all categories, from 2 to 5 stars. You can also choose to stay in hostels or youth hostels, which are the cheapest options. There are also many possibilities to stay in monasteries and convents in Spain. 

This is an original and mystical experience that many travelers appreciate. The most beautiful and luxurious hotels in Spain are located in the main cities. For one night in a double room in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Cordova you should pay at least 250 euros.

Hotel EspaƱa Costa Brava

For lovers of the sea and sunny areas, Spain's Costa Brava is a great place to stay. Our favorite resort is Figueres in Catalonia. A typical Spanish seaside resort with an old-fashioned charm. There are beautiful beaches, clear sea and delicious refreshments. The hotels are of high quality and always very welcoming.

Check what is included in your price.

The price of your room may include extra services. For example, check which meals are included and which are not. Usually one or more meals (breakfast and lunch) are included. Rarely is full board or minibar services included. Also ask about other services you may need, such as Internet access or air conditioning in the room, airport transfers, laundry services, swimming pool or gym, parking, etc.