Tips to fight hair loss

Hair is a real beauty capital, a seductive asset and also a reflection of health and the environment. So when they fall in large quantities, it triggers great dismay and that’s normal. However, there are solutions to mitigate, slow down this hair loss and above all stimulate regrowth. Discover the treatments in this article.

Food supplements against hair loss

Hair loss is also linked to deficiencies in zinc, magnesium, calcium, group B vitamins or iron. The hair is also very good revealer of these deficiencies and in particular of mineral deficiencies. Dietary supplements allow you to keep the condition of your hair healthy and cute. Also, hair food supplements are one of the first reflexes to have during hair loss since they allow with a treatment of at least 3 months (this is the mandatory condition) to improve the appearance of the hair and to revitalize the hair cycle. These dietary supplements improve capillary microcirculation and reduce inflammation at the bulbar level which precedes hair loss. They provide group B vitamins : B6, B8, Zinc, sulfur amino acids which are necessary for the synthesis of keratin and hair growth.

Natural treatments for hair loss

To effectively fight against hair loss, you can use Phytotherapy. The world of plants also has its place in the treatment of hair loss. Thanks to herbal medicine, you can cure your hair problems. Indeed, many plants are found in the food supplements mentioned above and they are generally associated with minerals to be able to benefit from a so-called synergistic boosted action. You can use plants for local use by friction on the scalp such as Quinine extracted from Cinchona which is a tree from South America. Quinine is used in the composition of many shampoos, lotions and anti-hair loss frictions.

There is also Scots Pine which contains a molecule called alpha-pinene which promotes cell growth locally in the hair bulb. Liquorice modifies the action of enzymes responsible for hair loss and finally Boxwood used in decoction in the form of friction has a beneficial effect to stop hair loss. Finally, Rosemary, Burdock, Nettle Root are all plants with Nasturtium that improve the overall appearance of hair and help stop hair loss. Do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice on obtaining and using these plants.