Religious weddings in France: what you need to know.

A marriage made in a church, as we know, has a spiritual meaning unlike the one made in front of civil authorities. In France, the celebration of a religious marriage requires a legal marriage certificate. The easiest way is to get legally married in your home country. After this act, you send a copy of the marriage certificate. This article will give you more information about the feasibility of a religious marriage in France.

The important steps in the celebration of the marriage.

For more information, please contact the personal wedding planner in Paris. A successful and legal wedding requires a certain step for its success.

- Christian blessing ceremony.

The destination wedding ceremony in Paris will be attended by an English speaking priest. The priest will perform your wedding intimately according to your wishes. He will also read his ceremony script, written for you and this special day in your life.

- Certificate of marriage

Right after the Christian blessing celebration, you will make a confession to your partner that you have taken a beautiful wedding certificate as a souvenir of this heavenly moment and as a sign of your union.

- Wedding Rose

A personalized wedding flower bouquet will be given to you at the price of the wedding package. A variety of expert florists are members of the web planner to create your dream wedding bouquet for you.

Professional bridal photo shoot in Paris

After the wedding celebration, the next step is to take pictures of the couple with the driver and you will be photographed in romantic places to keep these unforgettable moments in your memories. Besides that, you can also visit the wonderful and authentic places of Paris instead.  Also, it is also possible to get a professional video of your wedding to capture this unforgettable moment.