How to take advantage of internet?

Internet is surely one of the amazing and best product of the advance of science and technology in this century. To take advantage of it you will need to have proper understanding of what it is and what are its advantages and its disadvantages or inconveniences.

What is internet? 

Internet is a large network that connects computers in the whole world and other electronic devices. It rests upon the transmission of information from one place to another. According to the information you may be looking for, internet sites are created to help you find them easily and quickly. Therefore to take advantage of internet, you will have to be aware of its advantages and its disadvantages.

What are the advantages and the disadvantages of internet? 

The first advantage that internet offers is that it an excellent tool for information research and knowledge thanks to the speed information it contains. As additional advantages, internet offers you a very polyvalent means to communicate with your friends and relatives… It makes your life more pleasant. Internet makes you more intelligent. Moreover it allows you to easily make money. Internet gives the opportunity to firms, companies to have a great visibility and by so doing to increase their input. Through internet came a new form of commerce known as e-commerce which is, today, the easiest way to make exchanges across the whole world. 

Inconveniences are also part of internet unfortunately. As disadvantage, internet can lead to addiction and hinder some people to develop real relationships by imprisoning them in virtual relationships. Internet can also be a danger to some healthy habits like reading. By this mean if internet is not well used it can arm the study of students by fostering the copy/paste. Terrorists use internet to organize and coordinate their attacks.