How to make your partner reach orgasm

Nowadays, many people are mistaken about how to give pleasure to their partner. As a result, they focus only on sex and spoil all the fun of the act. Unfortunately, this way of doing things does not produce the results they expect and they get discouraged. Fortunately, on this site you will have some tips to follow. 

Don't Neglect Foreplay 

Unlike men, women often need longer to get into the spirit of things. Therefore, foreplay is of utmost importance to them. That's why you have a good excuse to get off to a good start. For more tips, you can click here. 

Besides, it's proven that it's really where you focus on foreplay that your partner will start getting more orgasms. So don't try to rush things or get the temperature up too quickly. Instead, take the time to linger. You can start by undressing slowly, just to get your partner excited. 

Try Other Erogenous Zones 

Focusing on the goal of a climax is counterproductive in a sexual encounter. Ignore all the guidelines you know about how to reach orgasm, because the journey differs not only from one individual to the next, but even from one relationship to the next. 

Taking the time to snuggle, stroke, kiss or massage each other can help reduce anxiety and pressure to achieve and let yourself go. In addition to all this, try to focus on areas such as breasts, the hollow of the neck and the ears in women. 

In fact, these areas also provide pleasure, which increases the chances of reaching orgasm more quickly. Also, break the rhythm by changing the pace of the caresses and try to touch less sensitive areas such as the houses or feet, this allows to change the tempo and also spices up the act itself. To allow your partner to reach orgasm, try to break the routine and try new tricks.