How to make a poster for a lost dog ?

The stress, the disorientation, the lack of control of a place... are reasons that can lead your dog to get lost. When this happens, you must take the necessary measures and implement steps to quickly find him in order to avoid certain incidences. Among the solutions to take, you can make a poster for your lost dog.

Choose a font in Word and create a title by adding information

Your dog has run away. You don't have to waste any more time. He may be stuck in a dishwasher and catching a cold in an unknown place. That's why you should immediately choose a font in your Word program to create a headline. The headline should be as large as possible and in block letters. Put it in red to attract the attention of users. For example, you can put Lost Dog. Make sure that the title is several centimeters high. There are several sites you can go to for images of lost dog titles. 
Then add a picture of your pet. Put in a clear, visible photo. Avoid a blurry picture.

Give a brief description of your dog

Describe your dog on the poster. Include relevant and essential information: its size, breed, sex... Don't forget to add the date and place of its runaway. You must also insert on the poster its identification number to facilitate the search. When all this is done, you must pull the poster. 
This lost dog poster should be posted in specific locations. Stick it around your home and neighborhood. You can also stick it in the usual places where you usually take your dog for a walk. 
Another solution is to share it on social networks. The Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... community will help you share it to help you find it quickly. On the poster you can add that you are offering a reward to whoever finds him first. This will motivate the search more.