How to make a good time-lapse ?

The time-lapse is a succession of photos taken in a regular time interval under an accelerated effect to make a video. Its particularity is that it gives the impression that the video has been accelerated. Indeed, it is possible to choose either the interval between each photo, or the duration of the shooting. However, to edit such a video, it is important to take some precautions. But, what are these precautions ?

Have the necessary equipment

The realization of the time-lapse does not require several materials, just a small investment is enough. To realize your time-lapse, you could look here. A stable tripod, a camera, an intervalometer and a computer are the tools you need. Indeed, the tripod allows you to ensure the stability of the shot. To do this, make sure that it is solid, reliable and adapted to the different shots to be taken.

As for the camera, it will allow you to capture the images, but it is recommended to provide a memory card to easily store the recorded images. Concerning the intervalometer, its role is to trigger the taking of pictures from a distance. However, the control of the camera can be done with a computer. The latter will also allow you to resize and rename the images in batch and generate the video.

Respect each step of time-lapse

Before starting the shooting, which is the first step in making a time-lapse, you must first adjust the tools. In fact, it is a matter of estimating the speed of the moving elements and calculating the speed of their transcription into the video. However, you should be aware of the time markers for the poses and respect them.

To have quality photos and avoid deterioration, set your ISO as low as possible while thinking about the white balance. A good hand focus will limit the risk of image modification.
After finishing the adjustments, make your first release and then look for an occupation while checking the quality of the images with your computer. At the end of the shooting, make the necessary retouches and then use the time-lapse software adapted to your operating system to make the video.