How do I install a toilet in my bathroom?

Installing a toilet in your bathroom is an essential step in your renovation project. However, the quickest, easiest and most economical solution is to do it yourself. By following a few steps, the installation of the tank, the bowl as well as the flushing mechanism, the installation of a toilet is achievable by anyone. Here is how to proceed.

Preparing the toilet installation and checking the water drainage system and its arrival in place

First and foremost, you need to properly prepare for the installation of the toilet in your bathroom. This step consists of checking that all the elements of the kit are present. These are mainly the toilet bowl, the tank and its lid, the flushing mechanism, the kit for fixing the bowl to the floor, the kit for fixing the tank and the toilet seat which is often optional. For more information, click here now After this step, you now need to check the water supply in place as well as its discharge. To do this successfully, make sure that the installation is possible. Indeed, check if you have in the elements, a 100mm diameter waiting, designed in PVC that ensures the water evacuation and a water supply having a toilet tap.

Associate all the elements of the toilet

At this point, all the accessories of the toilet must be assembled. Start to assemble all the water discharge mechanism from inside the tank. To achieve this, toilet manufacturers always provide assembly instructions. Follow the process carefully and it's done. The central element of the mechanism passes through the tank and is attached to rubber seals on both sides. Once the water tank has been fitted with its flush mechanism, it is now mounted on the toilet bowl. Often it is attached to screws that are fitted to the seals. Position the screws in the cistern, but do not forget to push them out through the profile. Then tighten the nuts and install the gasket between the bowl and the tank. Tighten the nuts so that they are not too tight, otherwise the porcelain may break. Finally, fix the toilet to your bathroom floor. To do this, take the length of the toilet body fitting before installation. Mark the location on the floor with chalk to ensure a good fit.